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President Obama Reluctantly Signs Spending Bill Loaded With Crap

March 14, 2009

Doing The People's Business

Doing The People's Business





Now I know that many republicans, (especially John McCain), are seizing this moment in order to try and uplift their party by attacking our current Democratic President Barack Obama, and accusing him of business as usual politics.


However, everyone who has followed politics (even periodically) knows that politics is a business of compromise.

And in spite of the president’s promise of “Change”, which all who have been paying close attention recognize as a work in progress, starting with the immediate reversals of destructive BUSH Policies, and the many other measures that the new administration has implemented to improve transparency, along with the improvement of communicating with the people that they were elected to serve; these folks know that President Obama cannot run the country alone, and certainly not without the people who loaded this bill with all of this bullshit.

The reason that President Obama signed the bill was not because he wanted to maintain the business as usual politics of loading important legislation with pork.

He signed it because this imperfect action was better then no action at all under the current circumstances.

And experienced republican politicians are well aware of this fact, however they want to try and capitalize on the fact that there are still a significant number of individuals in this country who have not developed a normal level of political common sense.

These are the people to whom they are directing these bullshit smear campaigns at.

Unfortunately, in spite of what I consider to be a sincere effort to change Washington for the better, those of us who are intelligent know that this is not going to occur in 2 months, and maybe not even in 2 or 4 years.

And republicans know this because of the shit that their former leader (President Bush), either messed up or totally destroyed, and could not repair in 8 years.

And now they are trying to impress upon the American People the false idea that this new administration is failing after only 2 months in some of the most difficult times that we as Americans have had to face in over 30 years.


First of all, I just want to say that I have absolutely no interest in what Senator John McCain has to say, because he is either a terrorist or a liar, and at this point in time, I don’t think that we can afford to have either one in important positions in government.

You see, on campaign stop after stop, John McCain said that he knows how to catch Osama Bin Laden, and that if elected, he would.

So I guess since he lost the election, he is now withholding this critical strategy from the current president at the risk of causing many Americans to lose their lives as a result of another attack masterminded by this murder.

So John McCain is either a liar, or a terrorist supporter, or a terrorist.

These are all of the things that he accused Senator Obama and President Elect Obama of during the campaign.

So after all of the lies that he and Sarah Palin spit out on the American People while they were putting “Winning The Election First”, and not the “Country First”; I don’t want to hear jack shit that either one of them have to say about anything, because without even hearing what they have to say, I know that it is going to be a lie.

 John McCain: “I know How To Capture Osama Bin Laden”

 So let’s move on to the rest of the republicans.

The majority of Americans also know that the GOP has an agenda that has nothing to do with the improvement of our country.

They simply want to keep on greasing the palms and lining the pockets of themselves and their rich friends and business associates.

In order to do this, they are planning to undermine and sabotage this new administration to make people forget how terrible, immoral, ineffective, and criminal the last administration has been.

Not because they have progressive new innovative ideas that will benefit the majority of people in this country, but so that they can continue to implement policies, procedures, and enact legislation that totally ignores the Average Middle Class American,(not to mention the poor), but to continue the same practices that benefit only a select few.

That will take some doing.

In spite of the fact that George W. Bush and all of his cronies are trying to make the American People forget the truth about his presidency, the American People have told the Republicans, that they do remember, and no longer want anymore of their old stale ideas that have not, and continues not to work, and that they are sick and tired of the exclusiveness, division, and self serving dishonest politicians, (both Republicans and Democrats), that have been in control of this country for hundreds of years.

And speaking of Democrats.

To all of you who loaded this bill with projects that have nothing  to do with  the primary goal of putting America’s Economy back on track, you are as bad as the republicans who are complaining about the pork in the bill while adding their own “wasteful  spending projects to it”.

 The fact is, 40% of the pork in this bill was added by republicans

 Oh The Hypocrisy!

This is not the time to hold the people of this country hostage by withholding your support of bills that are designed to improve the economic conditions in this country for all of it’s citizens simply because of the fact that your personal or local projects are not included in it.

This is very selfish of you, and I hope that these actions will result in just the opposite result of what you are looking for; instead of being reelected, I hope that you will instead be replaced.

And to all of you democrats who are refusing to work harmoniously with the Democratic Majority and The New President, to move this country in a new direction, a direction that benefits the majority, and not the rich minority, you are worst then the House Republicans led by the hypocritical John Boehner of Ohio, who share your point of view.

These politicians are shouting (Now)! about fiscal responsibility and deficit reduction after they sit back and watched the leader of The Republican Party, George W. Bush turn billions of dollars of surplus into a trillion dollar deficit, spend a trillion dollars on the Iraq war, and inflate the size of government to levels unseen since World War II.

And to the leaders of this group of Treasonous Democrats which includes: Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, Tom  Harper of Delaware, and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas; I hope that all of your constituents will remember your dirty deeds, and that they will replace you and all of your dissenting followers when election time comes around.

This is the type of political hypocrisy that the majority of Americans are fed up with, and will not tolerate; as witnessed by their attempt to effect change by the election of President Barack Obama.

Rachel Maddow video: Dissenting Democrats

March 12: Rachel Re: There really is a huge Democratic majority in the House and Senate. Why is then now some of them are dissenting, now that they are actually in position to fix stuff?
 Dissenting Democrats Video

Those of us who voted for President Obama, and who still support him are well aware of all of your plans to return to the same outdated, backwards thinking, counter productive politics that have gotten us into this mess in the first place, simply because people like you do not consider the success of all Americans as a priority.

You only care about the success of those who are already successful.

 This will not do anymore.

In spite of all of your attempts to deceive the American People into thinking that the Obama Administration is failing in efforts to effect “Positive Change” in Federal Government, and as a result, State and Local Government, the majority of Americans know that this is bullshit, and continues to support the new president as he strives to change the government for the better as per his campaign promises.

The majority of American Citizens who have had their voice taken away from them, and their efforts at success undermined and sabotaged, and their honest hard work ignored in favor of those who have achieved success and power at the expense of making everyone else suffer, all know the truth.

And to all of you who are trying to deny, distort, and destroy this truth, you are only being exposed as the selfish, dishonest, and greedy bastards that you are.

The fact of the matter is, that President Obama and his Administration are doing everything humanly possible with this terrible situation that we as Americans have found ourselves in as a result of the abuse of power that has been imposed upon us by the very rich, and the very powerful for years.

It is time for a fairer distribution of wealth and power in this country, and it is time for those who have profited the most on the backs of those under them to give back as they have profited.

“To whom much is given, much is expected”.

Now that’s Change!

And that is what the majority of Americans want, and that is what we are going to get.

So quit your lying, cheating, and stealing.

It is only making you look bad, and it makes the American People angrier.

As I said in the beginning, I will say in the end; President Obama signed this bill with all of the pork in it, because he is working for the change that he promised during his campaign, but he cannot change Washington alone, and he certainly could not have passed this much needed spending bill without the politicians who would not pass the bill unless it had some of their own selfish wasteful spending in it.