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A Christian Witch?

September 20, 2010

A Christian Witch?

Many Within The GOP Have Racists Views

September 15, 2010

Many Within The GOP Have Racists Views

Former Florida Chairman, Jim Greer, the man who accused president Obama of utilizing Socialist Indoctrination when he spoke to school children last year, now states that; “Many within the GOP have racists views”.Noooooooooooooooooooo-Shit!

Turn Left From Evil

September 11, 2010

Just Good Ole Racists

Tomorrow is the 9th Anniversary of the attacks on 911. Tomorrow, there will be no black, no white, no red, no blue, no Democrats, no Republicans, no Independents, no Christians, no Jews, no Catholics, no Muslims, and of course, in the True America, there is never enough room for, Tea-Partiers, Skin Heads, KKK, Patriots, Nazis, Conservatives, and other assorted racists, (who by any other name are still racists), and no Self Righteous Religious Zealots.  

But that’s tomorrow!

But for now, these Fucking Republican Son’s of Bitches, don’t care if, people who are unemployed, have unemployment insurance to take care of their families in between jobs, if People who are sick get healthcare, or that the people who paid for health insurance can utilize their health insurance when they get sick, that average working people who work hard can get a damn break on their taxes. But yet! They can see that the BP’s, The Exxon’s, The Large Pharmaceutical Companies, Wall street, The Banking Industry, and other Major Corporations and CEO’s in America, along with the top 2% of wealthy people in this country; need to be removed from their offices.

These people are racists, who are playing with the health, the incomes, the families and the lives of the American People, because they hate the 44th President of the United States, who just happens to be multiracial, identified as African American.

They will do anything. And I do mean, (anything that they can get away with to hurt this president), even if it hurts America, including those that they pretend to represent and care about, who support and follow them.

Remember! People who will do anything, or say anything to obtain power, will do anything or say anything to keep it.

If you don’t like what you see before they obtain power, than you will really be pissed off about what they will do once they get it.

 Turn left from evil.

This November Vote Democratic to keep moving forward.

 One Nation March, October 2, 2010

What’s So Appalling About The Shirley Sherrod Incident?

July 22, 2010


It’s not the fact that FOX News, Andrew Breitbart the owner of Big Government Dot Com, (who did this very same thing to ACORN with another deliberately edited video), and the  “Tea Party Racist” who are so eager to retailiate since Mark Williams and the “Tea Party Express” was kicked out of the “Tea Party ”; that they are no longer just content with trying to destroy our first Black American President, but now they want to destroy any African American Citizen or other Minority Citizen that they can turn into a target of attack, which was obviously their intent for Ms. Shirley Sherrod.

You see! These racists are only doing what their hatred of people who are not like them commands them to do. And, this is something that we have come to expect from them, with nothing less.

 There is historical precedent for these behaviours on the part of these racist’s in America.

However, what is so appalling is the fact that the NAACP immediately launched a vigorous attack against Ms. Sherrod; (reportedly in conjunction with the Whitehouse), without taking the time or the trouble of investigating and validating the charges that were being levied against Ms. Sherrod, in response to these racist’s demands,

This is very troubling, to say the least.

When did we start answering to these racist’s?

And this attack on a good citizen, which is somethig that both of  these institutions are supposed to protect citizens against, should not have even occurred.

I think that it is a Very Sad Time in America, when an agency that was created to protect the rights of minorities in America, (and the Whitehouse), attacks an innocent victim of racism, in response to White Racist/Domestic Terriorist’s urgings to do so, without investigation or justifiable cause.

And also, the fact that President Obama’s Whitehouse has not clarified what their involvement was in this attack on Ms. Sherrod’s character and reputation, which caused her to lose her job.

Either you knew and approved the attack that was initiated by Tom Vilsack, (Secretary of the USDA), and reportedly carried out by Cheryl Cook, (Deputy Under Secretary of the USDA), or you did not.

If you did, and you have found that your actions were in error, than I just have to say that we are all human, and have made mistakes before.

If this is the case Mr. Obama, you need to step up to the plate and make clear what part, (if any), that your administration played in this miscarriage of justice against Ms. Sherrood, and offer her an apology.

If this is not the case; offer her an apology anyway. Afte all, it was your USDA that initiated the attack.

Please don’t play politics with this situation, when I am sure that you know that we Americans voted for you because you promised not to play politics with important issues.

This is an important issue.


You have bent over backwards to accommodate Republicans and other Racists Conservatives, who do not even consider you to be an human being, let alone think that you should be President.

We think that it would be a greater service to the people who voted you into office, (The Majority), if you stop paying attention to the people who hate you, and start paying attention to us, who love you.

We did not vote for the status quo.

We voted for change.

Not apologizing to those who have been wronged is the status quo.

Acknowledging all other problems, (with the exception of Race Relations in America), is the status quo.

Worrying about the political ramifications of doing what is right and saying what may be considered wrong by people who do not count, is the status quo.

Running from a fight that has no escape route is the status quo.

There is no escape from Racism In America.

This is very clear, especially when we observe the fact that not even The President of The United States of America can escape racism, and in fact has become the largest target of its vicious attacks.

Please tell the American People honestly where you stand.

And please do not let your advisors make you play politics with this issue, or make you deny the part of you that is African American.

In America Mr. President, this cannot be done.

Not even you Mr. President can pull this off in America.

Please tell us honestly what is going on.

I say these things to the NAACP and to President Obama’s Whitehouse, as someone who has the highest amount of respect for both of these institutions, and who wants to maintain and edify this respect from myself and from the rest of the American People who voted for you.

It concerns me deeply when I see such powerful institutions believing in and responding to the antics of devout racist.

Please do what has to be done to correct this mess that was deliberately created by the very same racist that the NAACP was fighting against last week.

Please. This is a perpectual fight that cannot be abandoned now.

Please don’t drop the ball now.


How The Republicans Really Feel About The President

February 2, 2010

Can You Imagine These People Cooperating With The President?

This is how the people who claim that they want to work with the president feel about him,which means that their public displays of an intense willingess and desire to work with him are nothing more than lies. It is impossible for a people  to work with people who feel this way about them.

Need I say more?