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It’s Still All About Michael

July 7, 2009
We Will love You Forever Michael
We Will love You Forever Michael



I know that there are a few people who are tired of the Michael Jackson Coverage, and I must admit that under similar circumstances with other celebrities, I have felt the very same way.


However, I did not try to deny those who wanted the coverage, their right to have the coverage.


So, If you are tired of hearing about the death of a legend, then you should change the channel, (if you can find one that does not have Coverage of Michael Jackson’s death); (Perhaps FOX NEWS), or you could leave the country, (Oh my bad! Michael Jackson’s death is being covered all over the world).


Or, you could just become  deaf, dumb and blind, but is it worth all of that?


We already know that Representative Peter King is already dumb, not because of his attack on Michael Jackson, (but because of his lack of political astuteness, and the damage that it will surely cause to his political career.


Or, you could just leave the earth, (but they probably have coverage of Michael Jackson’s Death (or should I say Rebirth in the hereafter).


So what are you going to do?


Shut up and change the channel, tune it out, become deaf, dumb and blind, or die?


Maybe you could just accept the fact that the world has lost a great entertainer, a great humanitarian, and a great man who radiated with so much love that people all over the world (who have nothing personal or racist against him), are now, and will forever keep him in their hearts.


And that’s just the way it is.


And there is not one damn thing that you haters can do about it!