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Last Night’s Presidential Debate-(Who Won?)

February 27, 2008

The last officially scheduled dabate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was completed last night. And, I must say that after 19 debates, things became a  little redundent at certain times, but that is to be expected after doing something 20 times.

But inspite of this redudency, I think  that the debate was quite informative and very entertaining..

I dont think that we learned very much that was not already known by those who have been following the battle between Barack and Hillary. However, if nothing else was achieved, I think that each candidate did an excellent job of defining and confirming who they are as presidential candidates, and I think that this is very important considering the fact that the last rounds of  important primary elections are right around the corner.

I will not say who I think won the debate last night; (that will be up to you, based on your opinions of the 2  candidates performance last night). But I will say this: One candidate had a considerable verbal advantage of the other, and did seem to out shine the other candidate.

One more thing!-The debate, (in my opinion), was the best show on tv last night. We had drama, suspense, humor, disclosure, closure, and many other exciting elements that are missing from a large number of the regularly scheduled shows.

So here’s my question to you: Who won the presidential debate last night:

Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton.?

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