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None Reverend But GOD

July 17, 2008

Done On A Bun

Done On A Bun

I guess you thought that I would not talk about the black guys when they make mistakes.





No such nonsense here!


I talk about my own mistakes, because if I don’t, I cannot correct them. However, I do choose (very carefully) who I talk about my personal mistakes to.


 So it is with the issues that affect us on a personal level, or the issues that affect us all on a national level.


So it is with the recent comments made by Reverend Jessie Jackson, when he stated that Barack Obama is talking down to black people when he is involved in his faith based speeches, and that he is so upset with him, that he wants to cut his nuts off.


Now! I am not going to go as far as some of the white commentators that I have heard since this incident, and make it appear that I believe that if given a chance, Jessie Jackson would initiate or participate in the emasculation of Barack Obama; I do not.


I think that he was just talking trash (as we all sometimes do), when we are mad about something that another male counter part is doing or has done that upsets us.


And I am 100% sure that Jessie Jackson had no intentions on sharing this viewpoint with the world.


However, the Bible says, “what is done in the dark, will come to the light”,

1 Corinthians 4:5, and Jessie Jackson, being a Reverend and all, should know that.


So the question becomes, what was Reverend Jessie Jackson thinking?


The answer: Because the mike was open, we now know what he was thinking about Barack Obama in a bad way, apparently for quite some time, based on the intensive amount of negativity that he was directing towards the man.


Now this is what I think.


First of all, I do not revere men who hold the title “Reverend”, any more then I do a man who holds the title “Janitor”. And this is not a put down on the millions of people who are janitors who are charged with the responsibility of keeping this world clean and orderly, at least in the physical sense of appearances. I was a member of this fraternity for over 22 years.


Nor am I knocking people who think that a man who holds this title is indeed reverent.


However, I do feel sorry for you if you do, because there were never any people in Jesus’ church who were assigned this title. Some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors. Ephesians 4:11, Elders, Titus 1:5-9, Acts 14:23, Pastors, Ephesians 4:11, Shepherds, 1 Peter 5 2-4, Rulers, Hebrews 13:17, Bishops, Overseers, Acts 20:28,

1 Timothy 3:1, Deacons, 1 Timothy 3:8-13, Acts 6 1-6, in each church, Philippians 1:1,

Minister, 2 Timothy 4:5, also called Preacher, 1 Timothy, 2:7, 1:11, Evangelist, 2 Timothy 4:5, Teacher, 2 Timothy 1:11, Philippians 2:25, Ephesians 4:12, Colossians 4:17, Romans 10:14, Headquarters for Jesus’ church not on earth, it is in Heaven, 1 Peter 3:22.In addition, call no man “ Holy Father”. This title is not biblically correct either, Matthew 23:9


So actually if you are a Christian, (which means a follower of Christ, (not man), then you really should learn more about the traditions of men that led to this title, and the religious truth as to why there is no such official title in the original church founded by GOD, with Jesus Christ as the head.


But moving on, I said all of that to clear the minds of all of the people who may be uninformed, and who may still be in shock about the fact that these words actually came out of the mouth of the “Reverend” Jessie Jackson.


He’s just a man.


Prone to the same stupidity, evil and bitterness that we all are.


So for one reason or another, it is very clear that Mr. Jackson is bitter about something that Barack Obama is doing.


What is he doing?


In my opinion, one thing that he is doing wrong, is speaking about the black father problem as if it is only a black people problem. And believe me, I am not one of these don’t air your dirty laundry people, who would rather allow society to believe that we don’t have any serious problems within the black race, then to admit and discuss the problems that we do have. Denying that our problems exist is just as ineffective at solving them, as the white people who make blanket statements proclaiming that all racism is dead, and that all racist are too, and that racism no longer exists in America.


This is a common theme among many of the Fox News Commentators, especially, Bill O’Reilly, Lara Ingram, and Juan Williams.


You have to consider the fact that these people do not live in the real day to day-common working person world. They probably live behind electronic gates, with armed security guards, dogs, and sophisticated hi-tech security devices.


They do not fill out applications, interview for low-level jobs with temp agencies, or ride crowded busses with people who are sometimes obnoxious and disrespectful; and that goes for the black people who are like this, as well as the white people who are like this.


Disrespect is disrespect.


So based on their living conditions verses ours, once again I say to you, that you should just ignore what they have to say about the condition of the black race.


They are not qualified or authorized to speak on such things.


Anyway! I agree with Barack Obama that black fathers need to stand up. But shit head, dead beat, ass hole fathers are not just a black phenomenon, it seems to be a major problem in all of the races in this country. And I think it is a problem that started back in the early 70’s when more and more babies started making babies.


You see, a parent cannot give a child something that they do not have to give; and many of the parents who were children when they gave birth had not developed a sense of decency, responsibility and integrity yet. Therefore, they have not given those types of qualities to the children that you have been seeing for the last 20 years.


So as a result, we see a large number of irresponsible parents, male, female, black and white.


Granted, Obama was speaking to black people when he made these comments, and this is what has so many people pissed off. They feel as if he is putting down the black race for political gain. Well! I hate to drop this load on everyone, but in spite of the fact that I think he is the best politician choice available, let’s not forget, that he is indeed a politician.


In my personal opinion, I just think that Barack Obama is a decent man who sometimes makes mistakes a long the way, just like the thousands of politician that have gone before him, and the thousands that will succeed him. However, it seems now as if, more and more people, even his own people are expecting him to be some kind of GOD, that cannot or should not make any mistakes. He is not!


As many mistakes as he has made, and will probably make in the future, just like the many politicians who have done so before; I still truly believe that mistakes happen, but it takes a pure heart to admit to them and try and make things right.


Where as, we still have a president who has been in office for eight years, and has produced significant evidence to show that not only has he made mistakes, but that he has lied about them, refused to cooperate with the law, and in fact, just may be a crook; and yet he continues to maintain his perfection and his innocence.


 I think that Obama said what he said in front of the black audiences because he has deep personal feelings about the subject of black fathers taking charge, being a man, and owning up to their responsibilities; which is something that we are not seeing enough of in the black community, and in the US as a whole.


And since this is where he was at, at the time, this is where he thought the message was needed.


As far as Reverend Jessie Jackson is concerned, I personally believe that his time has come and gone, and that he just may have a typical case of hater ration, due to the amount of success that Barack Obama has achieved in his bid for the White House, compared to the results that he achieved during his failed campaign.


So I think that he was just venting as a result of his animosity towards Obama, which is nothing new for people who are focusing on someone’s else’s success in life, rather then working on their own.


I think that we just need to keep in mind that Barack Obama is running for president of the United States of America, and as such, you will see him move from the left to the right to the center, and back again over the course of his contest with John McCain. And, I think that black people need to be prepared for what may appear to be hypocritical behavior on the part of Obama, and this should not surprise anyone. He did not start his campaign as a black candidate, because he knew that he could not possibly win with that.


This is what Jessie did, which caused him to not even be considered as a serious candidate by all of White America, and the majority of Black America.


So do not be mystified to see Obama shifting back and forward, because as I said a thousand times before; that is what politicians do.


And don’t be shocked if Reverend Jessie Jackson, or your Reverend, surprises you when he falls victim to sin, just remember: None Revered But GOD, Psalms 111:9


Greg Coleman



A Message To The Right Wing

July 1, 2008

FOX\'s FolliesControl of the general public through misinformation has always been practiced, and has always been effective.

However, after 8 years of the Bush Administration, people are really beginning to become more aware of what is said and what is done.



Thank you for your attempts at deception.

You are obviously one of the chosen few who have benefited from the madness of the past 8 years.

You see! -That’s the main problem that I have with the so-called “Right Wing Majority”.

The fact that you people include the term majority is a lie in and of itself, because the majority of normal working class people do not have access to the back room meetings where decisions are made that benefit the elite few, as opposed to the general public.

Decisions such as lying about the real reasons for war, which bear the cover story of Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Which in reality translates to: putting more money into the pockets of those who already are wealthy from generation to generation, at the expense of those who are not.

You are probably a proponent of an endless Iraq war as proposed by George Bush, and now John McCain, because you have not personally been touched by the tragedy of losing a close personal friend or a family member.

So to you, finishing a war that the innocent people who are dying had nothing to do with in the first place, makes perfect sense to you.

And to continue to allow the Bush Administration and all of its cohorts to continue to profit as a result, is also perfectly fine with you.

Well guess what? As you have seen, and as you will see, the majority of the American People are not okay with this.


Because this madness does not enhance the lives of normal working people. It only enhances the pockets of the few. And it appears that you are one of the few, or you are one of those who want to be one of the few, but are too poor to be.

Some of you have even began trying to make Obama supporters think that he is a Marxist.

Thanks to those of you who are awake, for recognizing and bringing attention to the fact that there is no concrete proof that US Senator, Barack Obama is a Marxist., or a communist.

Part of these so called “right wingers” agenda is to speak against things that do not benefit them, by speaking untruths against proposed changes that benefit the majority of people, and to have as many uninformed people as possible buy into this bullshit.

Barack Obama is not a Marxist.

What Barack Obama is, is the first African American Major Party, Presidential Nominee.

And this of course, has many people pissed off.


It’s because all of your smear and propaganda campaigns have failed.

So just like everyone who was for the abolishment of slavery was a communist back then, I guess now, everyone who supports Obama is a Marxist .

Thank you for recognizing and highlighting the fact that these comments about Barack Obama are unfounded, and not based on any concrete proof.

And to everyone who may be listening in on this debate, please do not be fooled by people would like you to believe that all is well because of the Republicans time in office.

These people are so out of touch with the reality of the common man, and with reality in general, until they still believe that those who do not agree with them are somehow mentally deficient, which demonstrates why they continue to try and hypnotize the general public into believing that what they are proposing is for the well being of everyone.

It is so funny how they all want to take credit for the positive changes that have taken place on their watch, but do not want to be responsible for the catastrophes, like 911, (which their intelligence, (that they chose to ignore), warned them about), the Iraq War, (which was supposed to be about retaliation for the 911 attacks, (and Osama Bin Laden, who was responsible), is still traveling across the deserts and in caves, standing over six feet tall, with a dialysis machine. And he is still mocking America. $4.00 + gasoline, that just happened to occur while a president is in office who is in the oil business, a near 8% nationwide unemployment rate, invoking executive privilege by George Bush to keep a secretary who is not an executive from testifying, (hmm, seems strange for somebody who said that they had nothing to hide), And let us not forget the sense of urgency communicated to the American People about the Iraq war by Vice President Chainey, who owns the company that is responsible for supplying the military with many of it’s required services, (conflict of interest?), and what about the mad dash to get out of the White House , after it was rumored that the law of the land was about to come down on all of those who were responsible for the corruption that had been taking place at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, (including General Colin Powell, who could stomach war, but could not stomach what was going on in the White House), now after all of this; (and this is only the bullshit that was uncovered. GOD only knows what is yet to surface.), these folks would like you to believe that keeping the White House Republican for the next 8 years, by electing George Bush’s revamped clone is the best choice of the limited choices that we have available for America.

Man the only people you could sell this shit to would be those who are mentally inferior to you, and as you have seen in the last few months, only a few of these Americans still exist.

Now! -Most Americans believe what they see, hear, and experience, and most of this over the last 8 years has not been very good at all. As a result, people like you are becoming less and less effective at changing their minds.

But if it brings you peace of mind to keep trying, then have at it!

Right Wing Watch

Greg Coleman