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14 Days And Counting

October 19, 2010

Your Choices On November 2nd. Could Have Long-term Dyer Consequences

14 Days And Counting

We are now 14 days away from the mid-term elections that most people are taking for granted.

If you are one these people, let me ask you a few questions:

Are you satisfied with the results that the Republicans achieved in the previous 8 years when they were in power?

Are you satisfied with the murder of over 4400 Americans in Iraq as a result of a war for which the necessity has yet to be determined, or announced?

Are you satisfied with the war that continues to rage out of control in Afghanistan? A war, which President Obama actually implemented an exit plan for, instead of staying indefinitely and losing more American lives, while making military contractors richer at the expense of our citizen’s lives.

Are you satisfied with the fact that the Republicans are selling you out, by shipping jobs overseas, so that they can save their rich buddies money on labor cost-leaving our economy in ruins, and our citizens unemployed on a massive scale?

Have you noticed who has been taking drastic actions to try and reverse all of the damage that has been done by the Republicans during their control of the Whitehouse?

And have you notice who has been building up brick walls in order to block every progressive legislative agenda that President Obama has proposed?

It has been the “Party of No”-The Republicans. Which is also now known as the “Party of Nuts”, since the insertion of the Tea Party, who only represents the few nuts who are like them, and no one else.

This is why they cannot stand up to the scrutiny of the “Main Stream Media”, which is where most Normal Americans go to get their news.

Yes! For those of us who voted for President Obama, much is expected, and this is a fair expectation, based on Mr. Obama’s campaign.

Before you get mad about the success that we have not achieved yet.

Please do so after considering the fact that this is not a Dictatorship, and that President Obama has been opposed and betrayed on both sides of the political fence at ever turn.

That is what these Mid-Term Elections are all about.

Removing the people from power who are constantly blocking the progress that we need to make in order to get this country and it’s people back on track. And replace them with people who are willing to work together as a cohesive unit, (Democratically Speaking), in order to return our nation to the nation that it is meant to be.

Equal justice, fairness, and opportunity for all who are willing to work hard and to sacrifice for the things that they need and want in their lives, and in the live of their families.

Please remember all of the failures that we have had to overcome just to maintain, and save our country from financial ruin.

The amount of time that it takes to get out of a ditch depends on how deep the ditch is.

The ditch that the Republicans dug for our country through racism, separatism, fear mongering, exportation of our jobs, and war for profit schemes that hurt so many; just so a mere few could benefit and profit, is indeed very deep.

We are heading in the right direction, contrary to all of the lies that the Republican’s tell about the Stimulus Plan being a complete and total failure, while cutting ribbons celebrating successful projects made possible by the Stimulus. These hypocrites are even writing letters begging for the very Stimulus Money that they all unanimously voted against.

Do not let them fool you!

Unless own a major corporation or are in the top 2% or wealthy people in this country. And I am not talking about those who would like to be there, so much so, that they are kissing the asses of those who are. I am talking about you, who know that you do not fit into the category of wealthy.

If this is you; then you need to vote early wherever and whenever possible, and you need to vote for all Democrats who support Democratic Causes.

Don’t turn this country of to selfish, greedy people, who do not care about anything other than profits.

Vote Democratic on November 2, 2010. PLEASE!


One Nation March

October 1, 2010

Keep The Power With The People-Not With
Corporate America. Vote Democratic. November 2, 2010.

Keep The Power With The People-Not With Coporate America. Vote Democratic. November 2, 2010.

One Nation March

September 29, 2010

The Real America, With Real Americans. Not Americans as Defined By Republicans.

If You Are Running For A National Office

September 26, 2010

If you are not intelligent or sophisticated enough to deal with the national media, then you are not intelligent or sophisticated enough to deal with the intricate and complex economic, social, political, scientific and national problems that we face as a nation. So, take your dumb ass back to the woods, wherever the hell you came from, and talk only to FOX News, so that the small group of uniformed social retards who buy the bullshit that they are peddling, can love, worship and adore you.

Fair & Unbalanced=Lies!

Tea Party More Influential Than The President?

September 24, 2010

CNN Reports that the Tea Party is more influential with the voters than the President.
Which voters?

Are These The Voters CNN Always Refers To?

A Christian Witch?

September 20, 2010

A Christian Witch?

President Obama Laughs During 60 Minutes

March 25, 2009

Obama's Laugh No Match For Bush's Jokes

Obama's Laugh No Match For Bush's Jokes

On Sunday Night’s 60 Minutes episode while being interviewed by Steve Kroft, President Obama laughed when asked about the bailout of the Auto Industry, and of course just like everything else that he does rather it is innocent or a mistake,  positive or negative, high or low, black or white, right or wrong, it really does not matter; and because they have nothing more to contribute to our society that will improve it, the conservatives; (Republicans), and those who sympathize with  them have turned an innocent laugh in response to a question into an offence equal to a war crime.However, as bad as the economy is and all of the other terrible situations that we are facing as a nation, including the war in Iraq, (which is becoming a potential war crime), I do not believe for one minute that these same people who are using an innocent laugh as an excuse to persecute the new president, has given up on laughter and joy in their lives.

So I guess that these  people have not laughed since George W. Bush was in office, because that is when shit started to deteriorate.

These are the same people who have no new or fresh innovative ideas that will help elevate our nation back to the level of respect, international cooperation and economic strength that it is known for.

Instead of trying to build up the country, they are trying instead to tear the new president down, per the instructions of Rush Limbaugh, and others like him.

Once Again! It is not working.

It did not work when John McCain tried it during the campaign, and it is not working now, because the vast majority of the American People have made it clear that they are tired of fear mongering, war mongering, and hate mongering.

This once again, demonstrates these people’s inability to adapt and change, and to learn and grow.

In addition to learning disabilities and social blindness, they are also suffering from selective amnesia; because for all of the hoopla and fanfare that they have raised about President Obama laughing in response to a question about the auto industry on 60 minutes, they have yet to be outraged by the idiotic, insensitive, and downright cruel comments made by their Heroic President George W. Bush, who repeatedly made jokes about the Non Existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, which was the cover story used to initiate this war, a war that has caused the deaths of almost 5000 American lives, and has cost this nation billions of dollars, which played a significant role in the current economic crises that the new administration is trying to get in check.

Where is the outrage from you people for this?….



White House Briefing
by Dan Froomkin

Safer or Not?
Wednesday, Mar 17, 2004; 10:35 AM….

(World after ….Iraq…. War) Safer or Not? (Bush laughs at question)….

 World after Iraq War) Safer or Not? (Bush laughs at question ….

(World after ….Iraq…. War) Safer or Not? (Bush laughs at question) It’s not often that a question from a reporter makes President Bush laugh out loud. ….×428864 – 30k – Cached – Similar pages….

Mar 26, 2004 President Bush’s joke about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction quips hilarious – there were laughs all round – but the next morning, Mr. Kerry’s statement also included a comment from ….Iraq…. war veteran …. – 42k – Cached – Similar pages….

Bush Warns of World War III, Laughs at Israel’s Bombing of Syria ….

Here’s Bush today, telling ..Turkey.. to “get into dialogue” with ….Iraq…. to avoid war. The same advice he bullshits out of his texas windpipe to other countries, …. – 220k – Cached – Similar pages….

DOGSPOT – Bush Laughs, Lies About Contractor Impunity in Iraq ….

Election Issues: Bush Laughs, Lies About Contractor Impunity in ….Iraq…. Early today, George W. Bush fielded questions about the “war on terror” at Johns Q Mr. President, how do you propose to bring private military contractors …. – 22k – Cached – Similar pages ….

           YouTube – McCain Sings Bomb Iran, laughs ….

John McCain Thinks War is A Joke – “Bomb Bomb Bomb ..Iran..” McCain’s senile moment: thinks Karzai is President of ….IRAQ….! …. Well just print MORE money after paying off all the crooks who got a free ride under Bush’s deregulation. …. – 109k – Cached – Similar pages….

My! My! All of these jokes about death and destruction and not even a whimper from any of them, but they want to take an innocent laugh in response to a question on the economy and make it appear as if President Obama does not care for this country and the deplorable condition that 8 years of Republicanism has left in.

No wonder the Republican Party is now viewed by average citizens as  a bunch of selfish, dishonest idiots who are becoming obsolete because they are unable to change and adapt to the positive direction that the majority of the American People have decided to take this country in.

I know how unreceptive the Republican Party is to new and innovative ideas, but here are 2 for your consideration:

1. Why don’t you try sincerely having the best interest of the American People at heart, (all of them, not just your little corrupt clique)?

2. Here’s one that has not been used by the Republican Party for many years; try telling the truth.


Need Cash Now? This Is The Home Of Fast Approvals





The President That Looks Like Me

January 22, 2009


Mr. President

Mr. President

A Poem by: Greg Coleman
Hello Everyone!
I know it’s been awhile
But since the people elected Obama
I’ve had no time for ideological arguments
Because I’ve got my reason to smile
A humble honorable man
Who truly puts his country first
He satisfied the desire for change
For which the people thirst
Constantly attacked by people
Who tried to sow the demon’s seed
He ran because of his love for the American People
Not for power drunkenness, dishonesty and greed
And to all who still don’t understand
What the majority of people see in this man
I guess you never will
Because of where you stand
You see millions of Americans
Who just could no longer cope
Saw in this man
The power of hope
And people who were suffering
Who were deep in despair and pain
Saw in this man
The potential for change
But the message that he brought to us
Is really nothing new
But the people at the top
Just seemed to have lost the view
Because this is the United States of America
Not the united states of a few
Many white conservatives called black people racist
Because we whole heartedly supported this man
But it wasn’t because he’s black
It’s because he had an actual plan
To save our nation
And serve it’s people well
To lift this nation up
Out of the depths of hell
So I come to you today
To let you know that America made the right choice
A people united with a common purpose
And a common voice
For Barack Obama is the first black president
Of the United States
But he is the president of all of the people
No matter what their race
He comes highly recommended, qualified, and thoroughly educated you see
So I make no apologies, no excuses
For The President That Looks Like Me





Barack Obama Is the 44th President Of The United States Of America

January 21, 2009

Congratulations To President Obama


Congratulations To Vice President Joe Biden


Congratulations To The American People



Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now) Barack Obama Chant


Celebrate! Dance To The Music!

President Obama

President ObamaPresident Obama




Let’s Keep The Spirit Of  Today Alive In Our Hearts Forever


Hatred And Racist Attacks At McCain Palin Rallies

October 9, 2008


On September 5th. 2008, I posted a blog entitled: “They Don’t Care About You Black Republican”.


And now I want to reinforce this message to all of the African American John McCain Supporters, along with an additional warning about your safety at their republican rallies.


There have been several incidents at a few of these rallies where the crowds have become disrespectful, unruly, hateful, and potentially dangerous.


There have been several reports of audience members shouting, “Treason”, “Kill Him”, (apparently directed towards Senator Obama), and other volatile phrases including a verbal assault on an African American Cameraman from one of the news organizations, who was repeatedly called “Boy” and of course, “Nigger”


And these crowd reactions are the result of the politics that John McCain and Sarah Palin are currently practicing at their rallies which involves painting Barack Obama as a terrorist, racist, socialist and any other negative pharase that evokes fear in ignorant white people and others who are looking for reasons to hate.


This is their strategy for dealing with the current economic crises that has caused a 90-year-old woman to shoot herself rather then being evicted, and a distraught father to take the lives of his entire family, and then his own life.


All over the country and all over the world, we are facing one of the most severe financial crises that we have ever had to face; and because the McCain/Palin team have no solid workable plan to fix it, they are trying to take the American People’s attention off of it by spreading lies, hatred and fear.


You see! They love their country and their countryman so much until they would rather tell lies to win an election, as opposed to accepting their share of the responsibility for our current crises, and then discussing ways to put our country back on track


We are currently involved in a war that is costing this country $10,000,000.00 billion dollars per month.


We are struggling to fight a war in Afghanistan that is terribly under funded and under equipped because we are still fighting in Iraq to catch and punish those responsible for the 911 attacks, and we have not met this goal after 5000 deaths, and as I said, $10,000,000.00 billion dollars per month.

We have racial tension and division as a result of Barack Obama;s decision to run for president, (which is his right to do as an American Citizen).


And we have John McCain and Sarah Palin now trying to capitalize, (at the expense of the American People), on this very potentially dangerous and deadly environment.


And John McCain wants to continue along this same path if he is elected to lead this country.


So listen up black McCain supporters.


Your leaders John McCain and Sarah Palin have yet to denounce this type of behavior as unacceptable, so apparently this is alright with them.


And if they do not let their crowds know that this is not what they should be doing, then they will continue, because it appears to them, and to many other people that, this is the way they want their supporters to behave at their rallies.


So my question to you is:


Is this all right with you?


If it is not; then you may want to change your allegiance to the team who does not discriminate.


Choose the team who is not preaching racism and hatred, and who wants all of the American People to be successful regardless of their race, creed, color, sexual orientation. And that team is: The Obama/Biden team.


It should be clear to you that these people do not have your best interest at heart, and you should withdraw your support from them.


However, if you still decide to follow them blindly, and continue to show them your love and support by attending their rallies; just remember that (through lies, deception and fear mongering), they are inciting hatred, racism and fear towards Barack Obama, who is African American, and just because you wear the republican label, when they are mad and want to hurt Obama, if they cant get to him, they will get to the next best thing:




And if you think so little of yourself that you would want to be somewhere that you are not wanted, then whatever happens, happens.


But you have been warned.



Greg Coleman