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The Stylistics Tear The Roof Off The Lyric

April 17, 2009
The Stylistics

The Stylistics

On Saturday Night April 11 2009, the 70’s Soul Jam came to Baltimore at the Lyric Theater featuring, Jimmy J.J. Walker as the MC, The Main Ingredient, The Delfonics, The Dramatics, and The Stylistics.
I was having a problem enjoying the show because first of all, I was not feeling well anyway, in addition to being under the weather and being exausted, the main reason that I was not enjoying the show was because of the poor sound quality that I was hearing, (which is something that I am definitley not used to when checking out  a show at The Lyric).
The other thing that kind of got my goat was the fact that 3 of the 4 groups took a moment to depart from the 70’s Jam Theme, to give us a little bit of what most of us did not go to the show to hear, (which was rap).
It’s not that they did a whole lot of this, but it was just enough to irritate most of the people who were in the audience.
Most of the people that I talked to about this part of the show did not feel that it was necessary for these classic groups of the 70’s to demonstrate their ability to rap.
But other than the few moments that these groups spent impressing us with their agility at rap and the struggles that the sound crew had in getting the proper mix, they were otherwise okay.
However, at the end of the evening, I fianlly got what I came for, when The Stylistics took the stage, and the audience back in time, and to a new level of pleasure that had not been experienced until they came on stage.
You know how most of us pure Old School People cannot bear to see The Miricles without Smokey Robinson, or the Four Tops without Levi Stubs, or The Temptations without David Ruffin, Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, and Melvin Franklin, well you will not have that problem with The New Stylistics.
The new group has only 2 original members left, and 2 new members including a new young man who was only 2 years old when “Your A Big Girl Now” came out, and who just happens to sound just like, Russel Thompkins JR, (the original smooth silver tenor lead vocalist).
This new guy is awsom, and all of other members of the  group, and of course the band were all on point.
This was my first concert of 2009 that I saw, and I am telling you that The Stylistics made it well worth the time, effort, and money that it took to get there.
The next time they come to town, I highly recommend that you check them out for yourselves.
I am sure you will agree.
The Main Ingredient
The Delfonics


The Dramatics


The Stylistics



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Republicans Stimulate The Economy Of The Tea Industry

April 16, 2009

At least They Helped Somebody

At least They Helped Somebody




Republicans and many of their poor disadvantaged base members finally did something to stimulate the economy.


Of course they did not stimulate all sectors of the economy like the new administration is in the process of doing, because that is far too much of a broader problem for a party to tackle that cannot even tackle the issue of what the hell they stand for and who the hell their leader is.


But I must give them credit for taking an active stand and finally contributing something positive to the economy that can be measured, and not something that just produces a very foul stench as a result of clinging to ideologies and policies that have and continue to fail the American People as opposed to changing things that do not work for the benefit of the American People.


For the most part, it appears that the welfare, (let me rephrase that since the word welfare stirs up such a negative connotation for them); that the safety, security and well being of the American People means less to these people then clinging to old warn out ineffective ideas.


The benefit of the country comes second only to seeing that they’re stinking thinking survives, and that the majority of the people in this country continues to suffer in order to make them, (such a small and insignificant number of selfish idiots), comfortable.


Yesterday April 15 2009, which is the dreadful last day to pay taxes to the government if they are owed money, was also a time for many of these conservatives who love this country so much, (so much), that they do not want to pay their fair share of taxes to it, to protest the increase in government spending which President Bush started for no definable long term positive purpose, which President Obama has further increased for a definable long term positive purpose.


It is also important to recognize that millions of Americans also received money from the government this tax season in refunds from the taxes that they have paid throughout the year.


But anyway, these people, (less than FOX News and the rest of the right wing media had anticipated), showed up to protest the actions taken by President Obama and the new administration.


Ideas which they have studied hard and long and determined to be actions that will benefit the economy in the long term; and in spite of the fact that many of these actions have already began to create improvements in our economy, these people, (many who had no idea what the hell they were out there for), did show up across the country to these so called “Tea Parties”.


I applaud all of you for finally making a positive contribution to the economy of the country.


As a result of what you did across the country yesterday, the tea industry saw a significant rise in sales over the last few weeks. Other than that, there was not much else that was accomplished by these so-called tea parties, which were sponsored by “Grassroots People”, from corporate news agencies such as FOX.


What you don’ t understand about Grassroots Movements is the fact that they start with and end with the people, and not with right wing corporate sponsorships. So your movement is not of the people, by the people or for the people and as a result, does not benefit the people.


However, what they did do is fool many of the people who actually benefit from the new policies of the new administration into believing that they are losing something that they do not have, wealth.


This is typical manipulation designed to get poor people to do the dirty work of and protect the wealth of the riches people in America.   


So I thank you, the shareholders thank you, and the employees of the all of the tea companies in America thank you, and we look forward to your next massive purchase of tea which will help to at least stimulate this industry. 


Now! How about we start working on something to benefit the other segments of the economy that are suffering.


We really need everyone’s help (including yours), to bring us out of the recession that we are currently in, and we will be waiting to hear from you and your leaders with

 New Ideas for improving these poor economic conditions in America.


Of course if we do not get this contribution from you, then we will not be disappointed, because doing something good for the entire country, (all of it’s people) is not your forte.


You all would rather bitch and moan and complain about the people who are trying to make the country better; wouldn’t you?




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UPS Cancels Sponsorship Of Bill O’Reilly

April 1, 2009



Hats off to the International Shipping Corporation Giant, UPS for not continuing to provide income to the very ignorant , very racist, and ultra conservative, (idiot without the desire, ability or intelligence to change even when it is for the purpose of preserving life, liberty and justice for all), Bill O’Reilly.



This is a victory for all of the people in this country who have decided that they actually want America to be the country that it’s precious documents say that it should be; not just one particular race of people, or just those who are rich and powerful, but for all American Citizens.


This decision came as a result of Bill O’Reilly’s insistence on continuing to use his Modern Day Nazi Squad to harass people who disagree with his idiotic points of view, which benefit only him and those who are like him who feel that no one else in this country has a right to breath God’s air.


Finally! There was so much public outrage because of the fact that O’Reilly, (a man who blames woman for the fact that they have been raped), was scheduled to speak at the “It Happened to Alexa Foundation” luncheon in Palm Springs Florida. This is just wrong, and a further example of the hypocrisy of people who have not evolved, and who have never considered working on themselves to become better human beings.


It makes no sense for this man to speak at a luncheon or any function being sponsored by  a rape victims advocacy group.



In addition to blaming rape victims on his program, he sent his Modern Day Nazi Squad out to harass Think Progress. Org’s Managing Editor, Amanda Terkel because of a story that they did on his insensitivity to rape victims.


She is one of many victims stalked and harassed by his Hit Squad.



What is so disturbing, (and the reason that we cannot let down our guard against racism, discrimination, injustice and inequality for all Americans), is the fact that there are enough of these people in this country to support people like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris, and a multitude of others.


The fact that these idiots have enough supporters to keep them in business is reason enough to keep fighting.


As I have said many times before, it was good to savor the victory of the November 4th. Election of President Obama, that is a great accomplishment, and a moment in history that African Americans should be proud of, because we were always taught by many of our elders that we would never live to see it. And it should be a source of pride to all Americans, because it shows just how far we as a country have progressed towards making all of the warm and fuzzy concepts of justice, freedom, and equality for all a reality.


And for African Americans, it should be frightening that we have a significant number of people from our race who do not identify with or care about the race that they are a part of by God’s Proclamation, people like: Juan Williams, Reverend, Jessie Lee Peterson, Larry Elder, Angela McGlowan, and Erick Rush.


These people are dangerous to the survival of the black race, as a matter of fact, all people who subscribe to these types of twisted extremist political viewpoints that people like these, (black or white do), are dangerous for what our country truly is, and what it truly represents.


So it is my great pleasure to thank UPS for recognizing that this country is not, nor will it become the bed of ignorance, hatred, and unearned privilege that many have tried to make it be throughout our history.


It is very refreshing and encouraging when a major corporation of the magnitude of UPS, not only focuses on making huge profits, but that they do it while also being socially responsible to their fellow man.


I and other  people who care about all people, applaud your decision to not participate in this type of hate slinging.


Hey FEDX!, and O’Reilly’s other major sponsors, where you at?



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